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Get to Know Kevin


Kevin is the Farm Manager at Church Farm on the outskirts of Bath, South West England. He is the only full time worker and keeps 1000 breeding ewes across 480 acres. A few other staff members help him run the farm during peak periods. Kevin has worked on this farm for 21 years now. The meat produced from Church Farm goes to various outlets depending on the meat quality. For instance, some would go to Sainsburys, and others to restaurants. Kevin does a lot of work for the UK sheep industry. He is English Committee Chairman for the National Sheep Association (NSA) and Chairman of SCOPS which is responsible for Sustainable Control of Parasite in Sheep. He has spent time promoting the British Sheep industry in Europe and China.

How did you get into farming?

And how did you come to this job?

Kevin and Karen

Dad says that he couldn't be a successful farmer if it weren't for my mum, Karen. They've been married for almost 26 years and he says they make a great team.

I can vouch for that.

Alongside farming Kevin lives out his alter ego through playing the saxophone in two bands. At weekends he'll often be found in a pub somewhere across the West Country drinking pale ale, and sometimes even walking across tables. He says farming is his 'backbone' which gives space for him to enjoy many other pleasures. Whilst he spends a large amount of time alone at work he describes himself as really 'a socialite' and so his live music gives him balance. ​

Here's a clip of his band Harlem Rhythm Cats performing at Bath Music Festival in 2017...

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